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Paris Landing Pack_Explore season 7: and the winners are

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Discover the new batch of Comet: 19 international entrepreneurs from all over the globe selected among more than 150 applications! 

With its thriving tech ecosystem, Paris is a perfect gateway for entrepreneurs wishing to conquer the European market. In order to help them deploy and boost their business on the French market, Paris&Co launched two years ago the Paris Landing Pack_Explore.The previous seasons hosted more than 60 startups from all over the world and various sectors that all spent one month in Paris&Co’s international incubator, Comet. The group of entrepreneurs benefited from a dedicated program of workshops on how to accelerate their business in the French capital. Some of them registered a legal structure in France, confirming Paris’ attractiveness for international startups

Beeye – Human Resources - B2B, Software – Canada
Beeye (pronounce B.I.) is a cloud software solution to manage people and projects.

BluPanda - Health, biotechnology – Software – United States
BluPanda builds software systems that automate the management of hospitals. – Artificial Intelligence - B2B, Software – South Korea creates ears for artificial intelligence using cutting-edge audio signal processing and deep learning technology.

Cocoche – Mobility – B2C - Argentina
Cocoche is a marketplace for car owners and those looking for short-term car rentals to enter into a lease agreement.

Dialekta – E-commerce, Media and information technology - B2B, Software – Canada
We give your digital marketing a competitive edge through innovation.

Exagens – E-commerce – B2B – Canada
Exagens works with financial institutions to humanize and grow relationships in their digital channels with its Digital Personal Financial assistant.

Favizone - E-commerce – Software – Tunisia
Favizone is a SaaS solution to automate conversational commerce and customer service through multilingual and multichannel virtual assistant.

Giftpack - E-commerce, Social & sharing economy – B2C, Software - United States
A global on-demand gifting service.

GoArts – Cultural industries – Fintech – B2B, B2C – Argentina
We democratize the art investment while supporting artists, galleries, and collectors.

HeartsLand CreArtive – B2B, B2C – Software, Hardware - Taïwan
We're Innovative Technology Makers, CreArtive TransMedia Producers, Humanistic Social Workers. We devote our hearts to the next generation. 

MotionTag – Tourism - Social & sharing economy – B2B – Software – Germany
MotionTag brings intelligence to mobility by developing a B2B ticketing platform for seamless pay-as-you-go traveling.

NuriBio - Health, biotechnology – B2C, B2B, Hardware - South Korea
NuriBio develops gene-analysis platform technology for detection of various diseases using proprietary PROMER technology that is cheaper, faster, and more accurate.

Red Wolf – Gaming – Cultural Industries – B2B - Argentina
RED WOLF develops mobile and desktop games based on its own original IPs with a main business model based on revenue share. 

Saathi Inc. – Environment - Health, biotechnology – B2C – India
100% biodegradable and compostable all natural sanitary pads from banana fiber.

Stratio LinkSquare BeyonSense – E-health - Image Sensor - B2B, B2C – Software, Hardware – South Korea
BeyonSense™ will be the world’s first portable, affordable, and smartphone-compatible SWIR camera.

TipTapTrip – Media and information technology – B2C – South Korea
We create a community where people can ask locals directly for people who cannot get information from abroad.

Virtual  360 – Media & entertainment – B2B - Argentina
Virtual 360 is a production company of immersive content that works generating innovative pieces and platforms through the use of virtual reality.

WaverlyLabs – Machine translation – B2C – Software – Hardware – United States
The pilot is a device that goes in your ear and it allows you to have conversations in 15 languages.

Zurielles – Human ressources – B2B – Ivory Coast
Zurielles help companies in hiring dedicated remote female developer teams or access top female tech talent through a premium marketplace.

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