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From Brazil all the way to France: Opening an office in Paris

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Piipee interview

What does it take to open an office in Paris? What is the best strategy to approach the Parisian market? Who can help you out during the process? Forglobal and Paris & Co had a small chat with Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa, founder and CEO of Piipee, to find out more about their mission and international growth.

Forglobal is the number one network for city FDI agencies all around the world. Forglobal makes international expansion simple: they connect FDI agencies, service providers and foreign businesses across borders.

Paris & Co spotlights the city of Paris and their service offering with a city portal on the Forglobal platform to foreign companies and investors. Local service providers can join Paris & Co on Forglobal and offer their services to foreign companies as well and attract more business leads.

“We chose France not only because 13 Million toilets in France are the old model and spend more than 15 liters in a single flush but it is also easier to have our European headquarters and from here to explore and reach the big markets which are of importance for us (i.e. Asia, Middle East, Africa).” Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa, founder and CEO of Piipee and alumni of the PLP_Explore

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